Arms Companies at Warwick 6/10/08

Arms Companies at Warwick

There are a number of arms companies attending the “Graduate Recruitment Fair” on the 6th and 7th of October. The University careers service recommends that you find out as much about the companies attending as you can, we feel that this is a very reasonable suggestion. We feel that arms companies do not provide a full account of their activities and therefore this leaflet is intended to help you know the facts the arms companies attending probably will not include in their recruitment pitch. Although the members of the Weapons out of Warwick campaign have strong opinions about the negative impact of these companies in the world, we acknowledge that not every student agrees with us, we feel that students whatever they’re opinion should be aware of the issues surrounding the arms trade and the companies who visit our campus.

Rolls Royce

17th Largest Arms Manufacturer in the world[1]. 2nd Largest UK Arms Company. Approximately $14.2 Billion of Military Sales making up 25% of total sales[2]. Rolls Royce is the 2nd Largest Manufacturer of Aerospace Engines powering approximately 25% of the world’s military aircraft and has its equipment installed on over 2,200 warships including all of the UK’s nuclear submarines10.


Rolls Royce Produces engines for Military aircraft made by other arms companies such as BAE systems, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, they manufacture the engines for the Eurofighter, Jaguar, Harrier, Tornado, Hawk Jet, Apache and Tiger attack helicopters. Rolls Royce also deals in ship design, electronics for naval forces and submarine equipment. Rolls Royce’s Subsidiary Rolls Royce Raynesway manufacturers parts for nuclear reactors including control rods, valves and other components and its plant at Raynesway has numerous safety concerns about the control and techniques for nuclear waste disposal[3].

Who they sell to

Military customers include Israel, Indonesia (Hawk jets sold during the East Timor conflict and allegedly used against civilians in the Aceh province), Turkey, US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Brunei, Malaysia, South Korea, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Rolls Royce also sells the jet engines used in the Myanmar national airline which is a nationalised operation which helps finance the Burmese Junta.

EADS Defence and Security Systems Limited

8th Largest Arms Manufacturer in the World, Approximately $16 Billion of military sales in 2006[4], 20% of business is military.


EADS products include fighter and transport aircraft, helicopters and missiles. They also manufacture Nuclear Missile launch systems, Cruise Missiles, Ballistic Defence Missiles (Controversially being used in the “Missile Shield” by the US and NATO), Eurofighter and Tiger Attack Helicopters.

Countries Sold To

Deals of special interest include Cougar Helicopters to Brazil, Super Puma Helicopters to Indonesia, Exocet Missiles to Qatar and Oman, Anti-Tank missiles to Turkey, Mistral Missiles to South Korea. EADS also sells military aircraft to more than 89 operators in 38 countries including Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Indonesia, South Korea, Oman, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, Poland, The United Arab Emirates[5] and allegedly Burma (Via India)[6].

General Electric (GE)

28th Largest Arms Manufacturer in the world. Revenue for the Industrial division of GE is $13.8 Billion[7]. One of the world’s top 3 Jet Manufacturers


GE specialises in engines and component for aircraft, Helicopters tanks and small marine vessels. GE engines can be found in the C5, Air Force One, F-14, F-15, F-16, Stealth Bomber (B-2), U-2, Joint Strike Fighter, Stealth Fighter (F-117), India LCA, X-45B (unmanned attack aircraft), F/A-18 Super Hornet, J79, M1 Abrams Tank, AH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter, A-10 Thunderbolt and others[8]. GE claims that their engines are found in over 55 Countries. GE also sells component for submarines and warships including the US and UK nuclear submarines. GE has also designed more than 90 nuclear facilities and was involved in testing the effects of radiation on humans.

Who they sell to

GE supplies US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and many others.


Cummins is the largest supplier of diesel engines for defence purposes in the Western world and works closely with other arms companies such as BAE systems and Lockheed Martin. Cummins engines can be found in the VSEL AS90 self-propelled howitzer, Bradley Armoured Fighting Vehicle, the MRLS self-propelled rocket launcher, the Scorpion light tank[9]

Cummins military Products are used in the militaries of the US, Israel[10], China, Sudan[11], UK, Czech Republic, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, France, Austria and Poland.

Land Rover

Land Rover’s Defender 4×4 is used for both civilian and military purposes around the world. Land Rover claims to have 70,000 of its vehicles in use around the world[12]. Land Rovers can be found with the militaries and security forces in Zimbabwe, Sudan[13], Israel and UK.


Unipart is an established supplier of services to the UK Defence sector, offering supply chain capabilities and experience of continuous improvement and lean operations.

Unipart’s military products include Future Integrated Soldier Technolgy (FIST): “The FIST system will provide the soldier with improved situational awareness, lethality and survivability.”[14] Battlegroup Thermal Imaging (BGTI) is a programme collaborating with Thales (11th largest arms company globally[15]) to fit thermal imaging (TI) sights to Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV) and CVR(T) Scimitar Close Reconnaissance variants.

These vehicles are currently sold to the militaries of the Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Ireland, Brunei, Botswana, Nigerian, Oman, Philippines, Spain, Thailand, Venezuela, Honduras, Chile, Belgium, UK, Canada, Germany.

To find out more about the Weapons out of Warwick Campaign see

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