Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce will be running a recruitment event this evening at Warwick Campus. Therefore some information that they probably won’t mention is shown here.

17th Largest Arms Manufacturer in the world. 2nd Largest UK Arms Company. Approximately $14.2 Billion of Military Sales making up 25% of total sales. Rolls Royce is the 2nd Largest Manufacturer of Aerospace Engines powering approximately 25% of the world’s military aircraft and has its equipment installed on over 2,200 warships including all of the UK’s nuclear submarines2.

Rolls Royce Produces engines for Military aircraft made by other arms companies such as BAE systems, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, they manufacture the engines for the Eurofighter, Jaguar, Harrier, Tornado, Hawk Jet, Apache and Tiger attack helicopters. Rolls Royce also deals in ship design, electronics for naval forces and submarine equipment. Rolls Royce’s Subsidiary Rolls Royce Raynesway manufacturers parts for nuclear reactors including control rods, valves and other components and its plant at Raynesway.

The Raynesway plant has numerous safety concerns about the control and techniques for nuclear waste disposal.

Military customers include:






Saudi Arabia



United Arab Emirates



South Korea



Rolls Royce also sells the jet engines used in the Myanmar national airline, a nationalised operation which helps finance the Burmese Junta.

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